Outcome superseded our expectation

    When we moved into our town house – we realized that compared to our previous detached house – the stairways are slightly steeper and narrower and there are more of them so one of the most important areas to focus on during our renovation was very good carpeting for safety, comfort and aesthetic reasons. After much research – we connected with Mr. Rizwan. From the time he came to our home he was extremely professional and gracious. I was especially impressed by his overall presentation and the high quality of tasteful samples he carried – 100% New Zealand wool (as opposed to so much synthetics out there). Our staircase was also one of the more intricate ones with various pie shaped stairs that needed very delicate craftsmanship. From the time we placed our order and product delivery and installation it took a very reasonable two weeks. The outcome superseded our expectation as Mr. Rizwan truly did a masterful job from top to bottom and we would recommend his services without a shadow of a doubt based on our personal experience

    Reviewed on Nov 22 - 2015